What language is spoken at the event?

The official language of the event is English, which means all stage activities (such as talks or the final presentations on Sunday) are held in English. Team discussions and networking sessions will obviously often be in the main language of the country where the event takes place.

What is included in the ticket price?

It includes top mentoring, networking with international investors, passionate cross-national entrepreneurs and well-known people from the local start-up scene, inspiring key-note speeches, free catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for all 3 days, printed working documents, convenient event location, and a chance to win valuable prizes for your start-up.

What is the refund policy?

No refunds will be granted within 7 days of the event if food and drink have already been ordered. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. In case you pitched an idea and could not find team members or get enough votes to continue working on it over the weekend, we urge you to join another team. No refund possible.

Is the schedule already final?

The schedule might always change slightly until the event takes place, as for example the organization team might still look for interesting talks to add. Still, the concrete procedure (Friday 90-second pitches, Saturday mentoring, Sunday final presentations) as well as the general scheduling (start around 9am, end around midnight, lunch, dinner, etc.) won’t change.

What kind of ideas are accepted?

If nothing particular is announced in the “About” section of the event, we accept ideas from every field. Otherwise we highlight that we search only for ideas in certain areas (e.g. IT, GreenTech, Mobility, etc.). In that case ideas from other fields as stated will not be allowed to pitch on Friday.

I’m “only” a business/tech/design.. person. Can I still attend?

Sure, we see it as our mission to connect people from all different backgrounds and cultures. It is a key criteria for a successful start-up to have a team consisting of different skills.

How can I register as presenter of an idea?

When you purchase your ticket you will have an option to say that you want to pitch. If nothing specific is announced in the “About” section of the event, you can expect with your registration to be allowed to pitch 90 seconds on Friday and afterwards find participants who are interested to join your idea.
There can also be events which have a pre-selection of ideas either on Friday before the official event or online based on the information you provided about your idea in the registration form. In the first case you will find in the Schedule of the event when you have to pre-pitch your idea in front of a small jury on Friday afternoon. In the second case you will get informed via E-Mail whether your idea has been accepted or not. If your idea has not been passed the pre-evaluation, you can either still join the event as participant or refund your ticket.

Can I participate, although I don’t want to pitch an idea?

YES you can! This is actually the core idea of the event to bring together idea providers with a variety of people such as programmers, designers or sales experts to form strong start-up teams with people that have different skills. So just come to the event, hear the pitches and join the project that excites you most!

How does the pitch work on Friday?

You have 90 seconds on stage to excite the audience about your idea. No PowerPoint allowed. Just a microphone to tell your story. After every ideas was pitched, participants who did not pitch an idea walk around the idea stations (you will get a flipchart paper where you can sketch your idea) and talk to the idea providers whose ideas interested them most. Convince those that approach you about your idea. The event organizer has people in their team who facilitate the team finding process to make sure no one is left over at the end. If you do not find people to join your idea, we encourage you to join another idea.

How does the team finding and team building work on Friday?

After every ideas was pitched, participants who did not pitch an idea walk around the idea stations (every idea presenter gets a flipchart paper where they can sketch their idea) and talk to the idea providers whose ideas interested them most. After 30 minutes most participants found a team. Every event organizer has people in their team who facilitate the team finding process to make sure no one is left over at the end and that there are not too many teams due to a limited number of pitch slots on Sunday. Afterwards the teams get to know each other through a cool team building game before the working sessions start.

What do we do in the working sessions?

On Friday, it is important as a team to understand what the idea of the presenter is about, what ths status quo of the idea and concept is, to to get to a mutual understanding of where to go from here with the idea, and to set goals for the weekend. On Saturday you work with your team on the core aspects of your business idea: what problem do you solve? what is your USP? what is your competition? how do you make money? what is your go-to-market strategy? We provide you with helpful tools such as the business model canvas that guide you through the process. Then the mentors will give you feedback and help you working on your business idea. On Sunday the focus switches to the creation of the 3-minute final presentation, optimally done with PowerPoint.

Can I only attend the end presentations aka closing ceremony?

Yes, you can order a reduced ticket just for attending the ceremony!

Can I pitch on Sunday without having a team formed over the weekend?

In general the answer is NO! One core idea of the event is to form teams around your idea. We do not believe in one-man start-ups, they are most likely to fail. If you do not find people to join your project for the weekend, we strongly encourage you to join one of the other teams for which you can bring in your unique skills and know-how.
In the end it is the decision of the local organizer whether you are still allowed to a) present your idea on Sunday and b) qualify to win the prizes. In case an event has too many teams presenting on Sunday and as we have only limited time for the final pitch session (consider listening to more than twelve 3-minute pitches gets quite tedious), the organizer is forced to limit the number of pitch slots. 1-man “teams” and/or the teams with the fewest votes are then the first ones to get cancelled.
In any case you can still take part in the whole event and use the mentoring on Saturday to get feedback on your idea. Keep in mind that you already got feedback for your idea on Friday from participants, as nobody wanted to join your idea.

Is there a limited number of pitch slots on Sunday?

Depending on the number of registrations there might be a limit. We suggest event organizers to not have more than 12 pitches. 15 pitches is most likely the absolute maximum as this amounts already to 2 hours of pitching (gets tedious for audience and delays schedule). Thus the event organizer will make sure on Friday during the team finding process that no individuals are left and the number of teams is manageable on Sunday.

How do we hand-in our final presentation?

Ask the organizer team at the event. Make sure that you have your presentation ready in PowerPoint and optimally PDF when the last working sessions ends.

How should our final presentation look like?

Tell a story. Be precise. Make it easy to understand what problem you solve and how you solve it. Why are you better than you competitors? In general try do cover the following aspects: problem/solution/benefit, market (size), competition/USP, how do you make money?, team, status and next steps.

What is the minimum age to participate?

18. The average age of our participants is between 25 and 30.

How is our presentation judged?

There can be several categories to win. Obviously we have the first three places of the overall best team. The jury will rate the attractiveness of your overall business concept based on aspects like scalability, revenue potential, USP, team, market. In addition, we often have special categories, e.g. for the best pitch (how convincing was the presentation), the team that made the most progress on the weekend, or the favorite of the crowd.

Where can I get accommodation tips?

Please contact the local organizer of the event. Most of the times the organizers will also post such information in the corresponding Facebook event. You can find the organizer information as well as the Facebook event URL on the event page.

Can I participate with my idea in 2 events?

If the events take place in different cities then yes, otherwise we do not allow the same idea to be pitched again in the same city.

I’m not from the city or country the event takes place, can I still attend?

Sure, we see it as our mission to connect people from all different backgrounds and cultures.

Can I only watch the final presentation and ceremony session on Sunday?

Yes, the majority of our hosts will have an open door policy on Sunday evening to welcome everyone who is just interested to network and listen to the team presentations. Check the ticket registration whether there is a special ticket category for Sunday available. If not, ask the local organizer via E-Mail or in the corresponding Facebook event group.

Any questions left?

Please contact your local event organizer. You can find their contact information on the corresponding event page.