Jonkoping #2


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Share your idea, build your team and get to work: life is short, so why wasting time? Give all you’ve got and create a new business from scratch in a weekend. In a unique atmosphere, people from various backgrounds come together and develop early business concepts.

Mentors with proven experience in start-ups will guide you with first-hand tips on how to make a successful business. By Sunday, you’ll have the foundations for a functional start-up: the projects developed during the weekend will be evaluated by a panel of judges.

You can either pitch your own business idea or help a presenter develop their idea. From business guy to programmer to designer – everyone is welcome!




17:00 - 18:00


18:00 - 18:20


18:20 - 19:00


19:00 - 20:15

Team formation & Team building

20:15 - 21:00


21:00 - 21:20

Lecture time! How to generate and develop your idea - Florina Dumitrache

21:20 - 23:59

Brainstorm & Getting started

09:30 - 10:00

Cookies & coffee

10:00 - 10:30

Lecture time! Some inspiration - Daniel from

10:30 - 11:00

Lecture time! Some inspiration - Jon Åslund from Spotify

11:00 - 11:30

Business Model Canvas session

11:30 - 13:00

Work, work, work

13:00 - 13:45


13:45 - 15:45

1st mentoring session - get feedback and advice

15:45 - 17:30

Work, work, work & coffee + cookies for strength

17:30 - 18:00

2nd mentoring session

18:00 - 20:00

A bit more work to do

20:00 - 21:00


21:00 - 23:59

Work, work, work - going for the best results!

09:30 - 10:00

Cookies & coffee

10:00 - 11:30

Work on final presentation and pitch

11:30 - 13:00

Pitch training - Science Park: Get to be #1!

13:00 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:30

Work on final presentation and pitch

15:30 - 16:00

Presentation hand-in & (almost) relax

16:00 - 18:00

Your time to shine - final presentations

18:00 - 18:45

Coffee break

18:45 - 19:30

Award ceremony

19:30 - 21:00

Networking time


Global Partners


City Partners


Gold Supporters


Calle Andersson
Business Developer, Science Park Jönköping
Chrille Peterson
Web strategist at Grand Public & co-founder, Superprints & Destly
Daniel Daboczy
Art curator, producer & CEO and co-founder,
Gershon Kumeto
PhD Candidate Business administration, JIBS
Hector Cardenas Martinez
Co-founder and CEO, Tyeca Technologies AB
Jon Åslund
Senior Software Engineer, Spotify
Jordi Hans
CEO & Industrial Designer, Jordi Hans Design
Kenneth Karlsson
Co-founder and business developer, Bondens Matbod
Markus Dere
Marketing Manager and Sales, Makers & Bankers
Mikael Goldsmith
Chief Financial Officer, Inceptus AB
Ethel Brundin
Professor in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Business Development, JIBS
Florina Dumitrache
International Coordinator, Startup Live
Kristoffer Olsson
Business Developer & Innovation Advisor, Science Park Jönköping
Marcela Ramirez-Pasillas
Professor Business administration, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, JIBS

We are developing a web site and a mobile application that connect customers with car repair services that can offer faster service. Our system helps searching based on customer location and vehicle information. You are still the one who chooses, but we make it easier for you!

Value Stay

We are creating a B2C auction website on which customers determine their own price on staying at hotels by placing bids.

Kickstarter model for not only funding, but also other resources - human resources, objects, space, knowledge, skills.


We are building a social mobile application that tracks your cycling and rewards you with special personal deals and you have fun competing with friends and other people. That way you also help the environment!

Find me

The concept is that you should have an easy way to find what you have lost by using the Internet. For that purpose we are building an interactive web platform that will help people find their lost goods by combining innovative technology with people's consent.


Joinify is the bridge between students, companies, university, Science Park, incubators, government. It is a platform enabling all these stakeholders to connect seamlessly in a few easy steps.


Ziran means nature. We concentrate on producing biodegradable reusable chopsticks pleasing environmentally conscious customers.

Cross X Hunt

We will create a platform where land owners can specify what time periods and what species ca be hunted on their grounds. It will be a marketplace on extremely short-term basis connecting landlords and hunters through a website in order to enjoy mutual benefits.


2 tickets for the Pioneers Festival
6 months at SPark - the start-up/co-working space at Science Park Jönköping
6-month license for ZAGO CRM or 1-year hosting for the winning team
1-year hosting for 2 other teams by ZAGO services
Website development provided by GeekLab


Contact person

Jeffrey Liu

I am fascinated by how entrepreneurs move forward in uncertainties and reach their vision eventually. I believe every entrepreneur should be given a medal for their insight, bravery and hard work. My vision is to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship. You can also experience the amazing journey gone through by entrepreneurs and make your own success story.

Janet Temitope Adenola
As an accountant and a knowledgeable entrepreneur, I believe that anything is possible; I see opportunities when others see impossibility. Being part of the team that make things happen is both amazing and rewarding, as I contribute to something bigger than myself. Remember! “if opportunity doesn't KNOCK, build a DOOR”~ Milton Berle
Dimitar Dimitrov
I am a two-time entrepreneur, passionate for IT and everything around it. I had the great chance to be part of the first edition of Startup Live Jönköping where my exciting journey with Glean started. So I consider taking part in the organization of Startup Live Jönköping 2014 as my way to say “thank you” and give back to the community.
Raihanna Rahmati
I am a young motivated and enthusiastic person with a friendly attitude. I like meeting new people and I love challenges so contributing effectively to organizing such an event feels refreshing and motivational. I'm sure that with my skills and knowledge I will actively help in making Startup Live Jönköping 2014 a memorable event.
Tingting Yang
I enjoy meeting people from different cultures and hearing their stories. I believe diversity in a team can offer many possibilities! For me, teamwork is one of the most important, and fun ways to achieve goals. Bringing people together, sharing knowledge and striving to achieve a common goal, those are things that actually motivate me to be more creative and give me hope that, through my colleagues’ and my actions, we will succeed building a great event.
Galin Yanev
Since this is my second year studying Strategic Entrepreneurship I have already encountered many of the difficulties in the life of the young entrepreneur. This is exactly why I am glad that I can take part in organizing this event. It will undoubtedly provide all fellow entrepreneurs seeking success with some help, professional advices and unforgettable experience, fighting the “jungle” called entrepreneurship.
Adrienne Pifarely
As a student in Strategic Entrepreneurship, it is a great pleasure for me to be involved in the making of Startup Live Jönköping 2014 along with several talented people I hope that a lot of students will get more inspired thanks to them meeting and connecting with entrepreneurs and companies.

Jönköping International Business School, Jönköping University

Gjuterigatan 5
55111 Jönköping, SWEDEN