Porto #1


The event has ended.


Startup Live landed in Portugal and, once again, rocked! During 58 hours we had great pitches, awesome teams, a looooot of caffeine and a wonderful atmosphere. The experts and mentors commitment and willingness to help was AMAZING and proved how inspiring this experience is.

This was not your “standard”-Live, but an event focused on pitches and presentations! On Sunday evening, after 3 pitch sessions where each team pitched their idea, got rated by experts and received feedback from the mentors, the investors (code name: “sharks” 😉 ) arrived at the scene to hear our 5 teams. The “sharks” watched the “show” and loved it!

Myplace2stay, Et al., Mydeabook, A-TV and iCoach: you were FANTASTIC! 😀


Global Partners


City Partners

Gold Supporters


Bruno Augusto
Co-founder and CEO, Practical Way Software
Célio Sousa
Assistant Professor, Portucalense University and ISMAI
Eduardo Carqueja
Co-founder, NDrive
João Seabra
Co-founder, Jump Willy
Luis Alves Martins
Architect Evangelist, Microsoft
Mark Tuttle
Partner, PlacemarkOne.com Mark is a California‐born „all‐rounder” C level executive in technology and business, with 25 years of experience in a wide variety of activities and roles. Mark’s startup efforts have successfully served top companies worldwide, including Hewlett‐Packard, Apple Computer, Lucent, Yahoo!, Philips, and others. Mark has served in a variety of positions, founder, CEO, CTO, CFO, board member, adviser, consultant, business developer, mentor, lecturer, and coach. "I have founded and worked with a lot of start ups in the last 25 years, most don't hit it big, but a serial entrepreneur keeps on learning, and trying!"
Nuno Pereira Esteves
Investment Professional, IndexTalent
Paulo Sobral
Professor, University of Porto Business School
Clara Gonçalves
Executive Manager, UPTEC - Science and Technology Park of University of Porto
Sara Medina
Member of the Board, SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação and SPI Ventures
myplace2stay - WINNER

Myplace2stay provides a metasearch engine for all apartment and other comparable accommodation offers on the internet.

Et al. [editing] – 2nd place

Et al. [editing] is a web-based platform offering premium editing services for scientific researchers.

Mydeabook – 3rd place

Mydeabook is a web-based platform with standard software technology developing new processes to improve the structure of networking with users to advance ideas with everybody, from everywhere at anytime.

A-TV – 3rd place

A-TV will change the way brands reach their clients by promoting interaction.

iCoach – 5th place

iCoach will change the way how football coaches work and interact with the fans. Imagine what Mourinho would do with an iPad on his hands…


Contact person

Joao Oliveira

Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto

Rua Doutor Roberto Frias s/n
4200-465 Porto, PORTUGAL