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Startup ideas with the potential to disrupt an entire industry? Projects eager to make a lasting impact in our world? Introducing our Startup Live Programs, the place to boost business project with the know-how and network of leading experts! We support visionaries in building startups within a weekend.

This is your chance to get in contact with the who-is-who of the startup-scene, land your dream job at one of the startups or just have a great time!

The right people at the right moment can make or a break a startup! 

Our vision is to create a global community of entrepreneurial minds and startup influencers to support each other and grow together. No matter if high-profile team members, potential investors, experienced mentors or relevant media representatives: Our Startup Live events always make sure you’ll meet the right people.

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Chose your favorite business idea, join a team and get to work!
No matter if a business guy, marketing guru, design enthusiast or programmer – Join us in a unique atmosphere, meet people from various backgrounds and develop tomorrow’s businesses.

Top-notch mentors with proven experience in start-ups will guide you with first-hand tips on how to make a successful business.

On Sunday you’ll have the chance to meet investors, media representatives and the who-is-who of the startup scene.
Mingle with an amazing crowd & watch the most promising startups on stage! Ready to be part of one of them?

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15:00 - 16:00

🤝 Registration & Mingle
Get some coffee, make yourself comfortable

16:00 - 16:30

👋 Opening

16:30 - 17:00

🎤 Pitch Storm
60-seconds initial pitches

17:00 - 18:00

🙌 Team Exploration
Get to know the projects

18:00 - 18:30

🙏 Team Building
Complete team setup

18:30 - 19:30

🍕 Dinner

19:30 - 20:30

👨‍🏫 Business Model Intro
Think big, start small, act bold!
by Georg Kuttner

20:30 - 23:59

💻 Working Time
Get to know your team and project, set goals for the weekend

08:30 - 09:30

🥐 Early Bird Breakfast

09:30 - 10:00

👋 Day Opening

10:00 - 10:15

🙋‍♂️ Meet the Lead Mentors

10:15 - 13:00

👨‍💻 Mentoring sessions
Work on your business concept and get immediate Feedback from the mentor your lead mentors

13:00 - 14:00

🌯 Working Lunch

14:00 - 14:30

🙋‍♀️ Meet the Experts

14:30 - 18:30

👩‍💻 Expert Sessions
Get input and feedback from successful entrepreneurs and various industry experts

18:30 - 19:30

🥗 Dinner

19:30 - 23:59

💻 Working Time
Process the feedback from your mentors & experts, maybe pivot a little or put the finishing touches on your business concept

08:30 - 09:30

🥐 Early Bird Breakfast

09:30 - 10:30

🎙️ Pitch Training
The Art of Pitching
by Georg Kuttner

10:30 - 13:00

💻 Working Time
Refine your pitch and get your slides ready

13:00 - 14:00

🥪 Working Lunch

14:00 - 16:00

🗨️ Pitch Rehearsal
Prepare yourself for the final pitches

15:00 - 16:00

📋 Check-in Visitor
For our guests, investors & VIPs

16:00 - 16:30

🔥 Opening Speech
How to get acquired after Startup Live
by Manuel Weiss, Codeship

16:30 - 17:30

🎤 The Final Pitches
The Big Moment!

17:30 - 18:00

⏳ Jury Consultation & Community Award Voting

18:00 - 18:30

🎉 Throw around Confetti aka Winner Announcement

18:30 - 22:00

🥂 Networking & Dinner
The F-U-N Part


Bettina Wittmann
Founder | weBOUND marketing Bettina is Founder of weBOUND marketing, a location independent online marketing agency. They help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies to improve their online presence by identifying and implementing the right online marketing and sales strategies. This can be done through website optimization, social media, Google AdWords, sales funnels, and other techniques. Bettina helps startups to strategically increase engagement, traffic, and sales for their brand and automate some of these processes.
Alex Kucera
CEO | Alex has more than 10 years experience in web design and digital user experience. In 2007, he plunged into the start-up scene, supporting tripwolf and yasssu. His start-up “way2stage” expresses his passion for music. With the newly founded design agency “” – dedicated to start-ups - he combines experience + competence with the love to work on new ideas together with great teams. THINK BIGGER!
Thomas Ecker
Senior Investment Manager | tecnet equity As investment manager at tecnet equity, Thomas has been responsible for the acquisition and analysis of, and negotiation with prospective portfolio companies since June of 2003. He supports existing investments and monitors exits. In addition, Thomas is in charge of deal flow generation and sits on advisory boards of various portfolio companies.
Markus Ertler
Business Angel | startup300 Markus is truly an Austrian digital pioneer. 1994 he co-founded together with his brother Immobilien.NET, the first immo platform in Europe  and market leader in Austria. In 2014 he exited Immobilien.NET successfully. Since then Markus is a passionate serial entrepreneur and as an active business angel also invests in promising Austrian startups. 2015 he gained the title "Super Angel" of the Austrian Angels Investors Association and since 2016 he is board member of Startup300.
Christoph Richter
Founder | Richter Richtets Christoph helped already at the end of the 90ies building up, the first German-speaking newspaper on the internet. His deep involvement in pioneering Austrian web companies gained him a lot of experience that he happily shared with the rising startup scene while founding 4 startups on the way. He has spoken and moderated on several Conferences around Europe like the World Financial Symposium or Forum Alpbach and supported in building up the NGO Chay Ya. Currently, he is supporting startups succeed as Advisor and Consultant sharing his knowledge. He is specialized in Business Models, Growth, and Pitching.
Florian Bräuer
Co-founder | Waytation Florian is a Co-Founder of Waytation - Alumni of Startup Live Program, which provides a solution for congresses and exhibitions to analyze visitor movements in real-time. Florian will support startups with his extensive knowledge and experience in business and also on the topic of apps development.
Rebecca Vogels
CMO | Usersnap Rebecca was Usersnap's first business executive, brought in to define the business and establish positioning, product and brand development. She was responsible for developing a go-to-market strategy, launching the business internationally, and leading growth. Before, Rebecca was CEO of Pfiff Media, a content marketing platform connecting businesses with writers. Rebecca is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, using a narrative approach to report on “Women in Tech.” Rebecca helps startups to create value instead of spending all their marketing $$$ on ads. She loves to roll up her sleeves when it comes to figuring out new strategies for brand communication, though leadership for brands, and PR.
Robert Hegedus
Managing Partner | Fiedler Capital Robert runs Fiedler Capital, a Vienna based early stage VC focused on early stage startups with global potential in CEE and Baltics. He's also also one of the founders of Mosaik, a 1,000 m2 tech campus and the center of the tech scene in Budapest. Before founding Fiedler Capital, Robert worked 10 years top-tier management consulting. Robert has extensive experience in venture and a very strong international network in the VC, startup and corporate world.
Anita Raffetseder
Startup Community Manager | akostart oö In Anita’s current role as a Startup Community Manager at akostart oö, together with her team members she provides several services for the upper Austrian startup ecosystem. Additionally she volunteers for the AustrianStartups as local representative.
Stefan Kreppel
Start-Up representative | FFG Stefan Kreppel is economical expert and Start-Up representative of FFG, the Austrian Research and Promotion Agency. FFG is financing and funding innovative projects of R&D performing companies and entrepreneurs. He joined FFG in 2007and has been since then in charge of the General Program and the AplusB Incubation Program with a specific focus on Start-Ups and High Tech Start-Ups. Prior to FFG he gained professional experience in various VC and PE companies. Stefan possesses a deep knowledge of the Austrian Start-Up Scene, including the evaluation an creation of business models and supports Start-Ups on their way through the R&D and founding phase. Furthermore he has a deep interest in impact investment and sustainable entrepreneurship He holds Master degrees in Civil Engineering and Business Administration with specific focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. Furthermore he also owns a global patent for a consumer product, which is already license out.
Gregor-Robert Posch
Startup Services | Vienna Business Agency Gregor has more than 10 years experience as a business consultant in various industries and has supported several start-ups in the Creative Industries. The Vienna Business Agency offers financial support, real estate and urban development incentives as well as free service and advice for Viennese companies and founders. The objective is to strengthen Viennese entrepreneurs, companies and their innovative force.
Regina Plas
Innovation Services | WKO Vienna Regina has many years of experience in consulting and supporting entrepreneurs in Vienna. Together with her team she supports entrepreneurs on their way from idea to market and provide fast expert advice on all business topics. 2015 they started the projekt  (called) „Innovation to Company“ which ist a Startup-Challenge - existing and aspiring companies or teams are generating new business that will bring benefits to everyone. Further they arrange the competition „Mercur“ which ist the Vienna Innovation Award.
Renata Fourmanova
Founder | The native Russian manages a marketing and PR agency that focuses on lifestyle and start-ups. Previously she already successfully founded 2 companies in the web and mobile area in Russia and Austria.
Thomas Schranz
CEO & Cofounder | Thomas dropped out of Software & Information Engineering at Vienna UT and built countless high traffic applications and campaigns on the Facebook platform. He is currently founder and CEO at Blossom, a project tracking service used by globally distributed companies like Twitter, Nasa, DriveNow and many more. Thomas spent the past years in San Francisco and thrives in environments that cherish the intersection of design, technology and distribution. He is into service design, user experience, positioning, product strategy, functional programming and tea.
Konstantin Mirin
CEO | Postindustria Konstantin will support startups as a tech expert, as he has been delivering software solutions for his own and clients' startups for over 10 years. He is able to grasp the ideas and problems quickly and come up with the most efficient solutions. He is also a fan of a LEAN approach, so he'll be focusing just on the MVP features. Speaking of a tech background, Konstantin has got a Computer Science degree and has been developing web-apps since 2003. He writes in PHP, Javascript, Python, Golang, creates advanced infrastructure solutions and understands mobile really well. He is also really good and sketching out the interfaces that are easy to implement using the given frontend frameworks.
Karina Streng
Founder and Consultant | Flybird At 19, Karina started working at Fabasoft in a programming trainer role. At 24, she was CEO at Sybermon GmbH. Today, Karina helps startups set up Product Management processes and train future leaders at Fly Bird Consulting. Karina's passion is to support startups in their growth phase. Her focus is on Product Management and Leadership Coaching. If you are founding a new company, you are immediately in a senior position, no matter your prior experience. Her aim is to provide guidance where it’s needed in order to make teams successful and happy.  
Peter Windischhofer
Founder | Refurbed GmbH Before founding refurbed, an online marketplace for refurbished electronics, Peter was a consultant for McKinsey where he worked for the largest e-commerce companies in Europe. He can help with his expertise in digital strategy, marketing & business modeling. Peter is a Startup Live Alumni and happy to share his know-how, from pitching, to founding your startup, to convincing investors.
Martin Sternath
Enterpreneur & Consultant | BIG SMILE Martin is an enthusiastic marketing and business development specialist. After working in the telco-industry for the last years, he co-founded an FMCG-startup - BIG SMILE, with which he showed up a proof of concept of how to build up a comprehensive lifestyle-beverage brand. Today the products are available in several countries in Europe and Asia. In addition, he works for an Austrian marketing agency in which he advises companies on marketing-strategy and internationalization. He can help with insights into structuring your idea and how to adapt it during the startup-phase, business development in terms of sales and marketing strategies (comparison of MNC’s vs. startups), and finally: how to really start your business.
Camilla Sievers
Head of Unit 3 | IP Österreich GmbH After 4 years of building her food-tech startup "treats." where Camilla was responsible for sales, product & business development, she decided it was time for a new challenge: TV media planning. She runs Unit 3 at IP Österreich, the advertising time marketing company of the Media Group RTL. She offers startups a special "media for revenue share" deal, giving them an opportunity to advertise on TV without having to give up equity.
Gregor Jarisch
Chatbot Lead | EdTech Foundry Gregor has been involved in chatbot development since 2006 and industries such as ecommerce, first-level-support, quality management, education. Currently, he is Chatbot Lead in DIFFER.CHAT and Developer Lead of Enterprise-Ready Open Source Chatbot Platform "E.D.D.I.". Besides, Gergor is also Agile and Innovation Coach with 10+ years work experience in Software Development, in particular, Web Services.
Natalie Korotaeva
User Experience Engineer | craftworks Natalie has worked as IT project manager, UX/UI designer & marketing specialist for over 6 years in Russia & Austria.She is a part of the craftworks team as UX Engineer. Also, she is a curator of the ChatBots community & the Lead of Facebook Developer Circle in Vienna. She could help most in UX/UI, chatbots & social media marketing.
Christoph Jeschke
Head of Business Development | FINABRO Over the last 14 years, Christoph gained experience in the fields of arts and cultural management, banking, online marketing, PR & lobbying. After 6 years of experience in arts & private wealth management in Viennese and Liechtenstein banks, he specialized in online marketing with a focus on Social Media and worked for two marketing agencies. In 2013 Christoph co-founded AustrianStartups with 5 fellow entrepreneurs to promote and support startups in Austria. After 4 years of being the CEO, he left AustrianStartups and joint FINABRO: a fintech focussing on digital financial advise & wealth management.
Jessica Bauer
IT Solutions Consultant Marketing Automation | Spar ICS Jessica is mainly experienced in digital Marketing, UX and e-commerce. When she had her own startup, she learned the hard way what to focus on, how to ask critical questions to develop a company respectively ideas and identify possible risks. Jessica is looking forward to meet motivated entrepreneurs!
Jakob Reiter
Co-Founder | TheVentury Entrepreneur, IT nerd and debater has been active in the startup scene for many many years. He started his first company when he was 18 years old and build his own IT/Web consulting company with customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His newest startup theVentury ( is helping startups to grow by injecting critical resources such as IT Development, Social Media Marketing and Growth Hacking. Furthermore, Jakob is a passionate debater and rhetorics specialist - taking part in World- and European championships all over the globe.
Georg Hauer
General Manager Austria | N26 Georg is General Manager Austria für N26, the mobile bank, which recently announced its 160M$ Series C funding, which is one of the largest funding rounds for a European Fin-Tech ever. Additionally, Georg leads the functions Communications and Business Development for N26 in Germany. Previously, Georg was General Manager at Uber where he launched the new division UberEATS in Austria. Before that, he was a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. He has an MBA from The Kellogg School of Management in Chicago and a magister from Vienna University of Economics and Business. And he loves Thai and 'Waldviertler' food.
Jürgen Töglhofer
Partner | Grant Thornton Jürgen is a partner at Grant Thornton in Austria an audit, tax and advisory firm and brings international tax, audit and advisory expertise to Start-Ups, SME’s and public corporations. Jürgen has also been working for five years in China, providing him with an international perspective and experience from a very different business and start up environment. For several years Jürgen was also part of a pharmaceutical start up in Vienna as a member of the supervisory board, until a successful investment from a major investor could be concluded. Grant Thornton’s aim is to help dynamic organisations unlock their potential for growth. On a global perspective Grant Thornton has been over the last three years the fastest growing large accounting organisation, constantly evolving and developing.
Martina Egger
Project Manager | What A Venture Martina gained several years of experience in the German banking sector. There she worked in the business development department for corporate clients with focus on digitization. She is responsible for coordinating our customer’s projects, scouting startups and is part of our sales team. She strongly believes in the successful realization of business ideas and implementation of innovations through the innovation process.
Florian Kandler
Fundraising Expert | Florian helps startup founders build fundable startups and find the right investors. He shares his 10 years of experience, starting 3 companies that closed 3 funding rounds with VCs and Angels in Europe and the USA.
Sophie Tschöp
Associate | Höhne, In der Maur & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH & Co KG Sophie is a legal expert at Höhne, In der Maur & Partner Rechtsanwälte (h-i-p) specialized in startup Consulting. She is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs with their challenges in any stages, for instance, Seed and startup: Founder’s Agreement, IP-Strategy, check of legitimacy of business model, etc., also 1 stage: Company formation, funding and negotiations with investors, contracts with suppliers and customers, general terms, data security, etc., and Later stage/Exit: Business expansion, financing rounds, phantom shares, employment law, exits, etc.
Paul Cerny
Investment Manager | aws Gründerfonds Paul Cerny joined aws Founders Fund in 2017.  Most recently, he was responsible for the international business development of Palugo GmbH, where he was active as managing partner. Prior to that, he was Corporate Finance Manager at an international commodities trading group. Until 2013, he worked for Erste Group Bank AG for six years in various functions, including Treasury and as Junior Key Account Manager in Corporate Finance. During this time he studied International Banking and Finance in Vienna.
Markus Weiss
Consulting | Self-employed Markus has 14 years experience with NÖBEG, a special type of bank - partly owned by the state of Lower Austria (NÖ) - giving grants, loans, subsidies to companies with the aim of supporting the economy. He was particularly responsible for startups with innovative and technology-driven products. His main task was to make a due diligence with emphasize on validating the plausibility of the business plan. Therefore, Markus could be sparring partner for the founders in improving their business plan. He did this for many different industries. Since NÖBEG itself is a bank and they worked closely with banks, and he knows what questions banks typically ask and how these questions should be answered in a business plan. As an investment manager, Markus was responsible for many companies over many years so he knows how companies develop and what problems they are typically facing over time. Besides, Markus worked with hundreds of companies and therefor can offer a network which might be useful in all development stages of a startup.
Michael Raab
CEO, MINTED - MR Public Communication After several years in the field of human resources development of an Austrian Corporate consultancy Michael decided to devote his expertise and professional energy to the support of entrepreneurs and founders. He is specialized in the issues surrounding the financing of innovative projects and all things related to PR and communication. Expert in: Crowdinvesting, Public Subventions, PR, Communications
Hannes Hippacher
Project Manager - Innovation | WKO Vienna Hannes is a project manager in the Innovation department in Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which supports entrepreneurs on their way from idea to market  His expertise includes innovation management, EU project management, sustainable development, Green Building, Energy, Economic Development and Governance. Additionally, Hannes works closely with EU funded projects Horizon 2020 and European Regional Development Fund.

Georg Kuttner
Managing Partner - The Hustler Georg is fascinated with startups, entrepreneurship and the tech industry. He loves supporting and shaping startup ecosystems and is helping fellow entrepreneurs to succeed with their businesses. His passion is public speaking, moderating and pitching in any way possible.
Manuel Weiss
Co-Founder | Codeship Manuel is Co-Founder of Codeship, which has recently been acquired by CloudBees, a software company, providing companies with smarter solutions for accelerating software development and delivery. In his keynote, Manuel will give us some insights on how to get from the Startup Live stage (yes, Codeship is a successful Startup Live Alumni!) to build a sustainable company, which gets acquired by an American corporation.
Philipp Stangl
Managing Director | Pioneers Ventures eCommerce entrepreneur turned early-stage VC Expert for: early-stage fundraising / investment, eCommerce, startup metrics, startup financials
Lisa Fassl
CEO | Austrian Angels Investors Association Active for several years in the startup scene, Lisa has already been able to go through several stations and get to know the ecosystem from different angles. The passionate hobby photographer is particularly interested in projects with digital components and supports startups hands-on in their further development. In addition to her role at the aaia, she is a co-founder of Female Founders and has an active seat in the advisory board of IdeenTriebwerk Graz.
Nina Woess
Speedinvest | Principal Nina joined Speedinvest in 2012 as a Principal after her studies in Strategic Management at WU. Part of Nina's job is the screening of several hundreds ambitious startups. She has a particular interest in working with early stage startups in the B2C space and is currently engaged in Flaviar and Inkitt.
Katharina Ehrenfellner
CEO | CONDA Katharina Pühringer (Mag.) is CEO of CONDA Austria, the leading Austrian Crowdinvesting Platform. She graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business in 2010, after spending her last term in Toronto, attending an Entrepreneurship MBA class at York University. In 2009, she co-founded StartEurope, the initiative that sparked the Startup Live activities. She then gained experience in international marketing and sales strategies for a big company group as well as IT project management know-how, which she now uses for identifying and evaluating innovative business models.
Daniela Haunstein
Business Angelina Daniela grew up in an entrepreneurial environment, studied international business and gained working experience in all sectors of a company but mainly focusing on Controlling and Finance. She experienced the whole life-cycle of a family-owned business and is eager to share her personal learnings. Now Daniela is active as a Business Angel and supports empowering and promoting Entrepreneurship through her work at 1MillionStartups and Rising Tide helping to create a future we want to live in. Daniela is an active Member of startup300, Rising Tide Europe2, aaia and acts as Senior Advisor at 1MillionStartups. - OVERALL WINNER

Disrupting the oldest profession with the Blockchain. The project is concerned with the prevention of human trafficking and minimizing the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The value proposition is to create a platform and to provide incentives for sex workers around the globe for safe execution of their profession. The solution we offer provides anonymized but verifiable KYC compliance, professional health certification and Proof of Consent stored on the Blockchain.


Validation of professional expertise. We provide a free validation service for professional to stand out in the job market

Ribbon Biolabs - SPECIAL WINNER

We make DNA. The synthetic biology market lacks technologies for the high-thoughput synthesis of long DNA. This is about to change with Ribbon Biolab's innovative processes for synthesising DNA of subgenomic sizes. Positioning the company as a driver of the next wave of disruptive biotechnologies.


The Give-Away Box for everyone. Freebiebox is a surprise box filled with different high- quality freebies from our advertisement partners.


Sellvus enable MORE people to SELL more. With Sellvus it's super easy for anyone to SELL on multiple marketplaces, even local smaller businesses.

iss mich!

iss mich! reduces food waste with brewing bread beer. We collect surplus bread and brew beer. The beer we sell in gastronomy and retail market.


We will revolutionize the way people order and pay in gastronomies. Crowded location? Busy waiter? Forgot your wallet? Order and pay in your favourite restaurant with the getsby app on your mobile phone!


An international buddy in your pocket. BoundaryLess is a mobile solution that helps companies with onboarding international employees and individuals with their moving abroad experience. We digitalize the whole global mobility service market by providing a chatbot and an app with personalized content and intelligent matchmaking with local mentors.


Pocketcoach is a digital therapist for people who struggle with anxiety, stress or panic. A Facebook Messenger chatbot that guides its users through a therapy process. In small, daily conversations users gradually develop the skills to deal with uncomfortable feelings and negative repetitive thoughts. Based on existing therapy approaches.


Simple Management of Daily Issues. Simple way to submit, track and analyse the daily issues and task for building operators and property managers


Warrify provides support for the life-cycle of all your products. We provide a service to manage all your products in one place and ease the pain when something brakes.

MM Music Apps

MM Music Apps composes music for EDM producers automatically! An iOS app that composes music for EDM Bedroom Producers. They can export the midi file and make a song out of it.


Help pupils to learn faster and better. Yoovis is a learning support system for pupils between 10 and 18 years


I-Valyou brings together young brands and ambitious influencers. We offer a matchmaking tool to find the best fittng influencers for young brands, which want to engage in influencer marketing.


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€ 10.000 investment from startup300 (*strings attached)
Tickets for Pioneers'18, the major Tech Conference in Europe (worth € 1.500)
Wildcard to pitch at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival 2018 in front of more than 5.000 guests from politics, business and various industries (actually priceless)
Wildcard to pitch at Mobile Marketing Innovation Day in front of 1.000 international marketing & innovation enthusiasts (actually priceless)
Media Package by DerBrutkasten (worth over € 5.000)
Crowdinvesting Businessplan & Financing Workshop by CONDA (worth € 1.500)
Startup Intern powered by AIESEC (worth € 300)
Voucher for the best startup shirts on the market by VRESH (worth € 200)
1 Month Coworking Space powered by Cocoquadrat (worth € 500)


Contact person

Tanja Sternbauer
Managing Partner - Mastermind

Eager to create a supporting community for entrepreneurs worldwide, Tanja focuses on strengthen the connections between startup ecosystems and hubs around the globe.

Georg Kuttner
Managing Partner - The Hustler Georg is fascinated with startups, entrepreneurship and the tech industry. He loves supporting and shaping startup ecosystems and is helping fellow entrepreneurs to succeed with their businesses. His passion is public speaking, moderating and pitching in any way possible.
Paulina Kania
Global Program Manager Paulina is the heart and soul of our acceleration programs. She is into innovative ideas doing her best helping entrepreneurs succeed.
Event Volunteer Do you want to become part of your local startup scene? Do you want to use your organizational skills to make an impact? Learn about all possibilities!

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