Vienna #3


The event has ended.


The event started with a bomb – 27 pitches! The STARTeurope team was amazed at the quality of the pitches, ideas and people – you guys blew our minds.

It IS hard to describe yourself, the problem you address, your solution and all in 90 secs, but these guys were good. More than half the pitches led to teams forming and then people got to work.

The result: 16 pitches were delivered on Sunday evening! WOW! Usually some give up, but these guys and gals had that amazing “feature” called persistency.

Some developed prototypes, others rethought their concepts, several used the business model canvas seminar which STARTeurope gave to get to know their strengths, business and potential pitfalls.



Global Partners


City Partners

Eric Pöttschacher
CEO and Founder, shapeshifters
Isabella Frey
Beratung/Technologietransfer IT & Medien, ZIT
Jakob Sommerhuber
Founder, platogo
Mark Tuttle
Partner, Mark is a California‐born „all‐rounder” C level executive in technology and business, with 25 years of experience in a wide variety of activities and roles. Mark’s startup efforts have successfully served top companies worldwide, including Hewlett‐Packard, Apple Computer, Lucent, Yahoo!, Philips, and others. Mark has served in a variety of positions, founder, CEO, CTO, CFO, board member, adviser, consultant, business developer, mentor, lecturer, and coach. "I have founded and worked with a lot of start ups in the last 25 years, most don't hit it big, but a serial entrepreneur keeps on learning, and trying!"
Martin Herdina
CEO, fatfoogoo
Mirko Ilic
Star designer (NY Times, LA Times, Playboy)
Peter Tschuchnig
Rolf Mistelbacher
Marketing Manager, Microsoft Austria
Selma Prodanovic
CEO Brainswork, initiator of incrediblEurope, enabler Selma is a passionate entrepreneur and philanthropist. With her business developer Brainswork she supported over 300 startups and individuals on their way to success and among others co-founded the Austrian Angel Investors Association. In 2014 she initiated BrainsClub to empower new startups with her network & experience.
Anthony Warren
Professor and Director, Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Smeal College of Business
Amy Hoy
Bernhard Thalhammer
M&A and Investment Manager, Styria Digital Holding GmbH Within the investment portfolio of Styria Digital are some of the most successful startups in Austria such as, which is the largest marketplace in Austria for second hand goods. Bernhard has many years of experience in the Venture Capital industry and knows exactly what young companies should focus on to successfully attract external funding and successfully launch their product in the market.
Klaus Matzka
Founder & Managing Partner, Gamma Capital Partners
Markus Wagner
CEO, i5invest
Tilo Bonow
CEO, PR- und Social Media Agentur piâbo
Qriously - WINNER

What People Think Now.

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Life Missions

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Genius Loci

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Listen to more than 21.000 DJ mixes on your HD-TV using open source media center Boxee (

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Analogy Problem Solving

A new concept of problem solving.


Connecting young people in Europe and India over culture, travel, learning and substantial issues.


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Fredrik Debong

Microsoft Austria

Am Europaplatz 3
1120 Vienna, AUSTRIA