Vienna #5


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Share your idea, build your team and get to work: life is short, so why wasting time? Give all you’ve got and create a new business from scratch in a weekend. In a unique atmosphere, people from various backgrounds come together and develop early business concepts.

Mentors with proven experience in start-ups will guide you with first-hand tips on how to make a successful business. By Sunday, you’ll have the foundations for a functional start-up: the projects developed during the weekend will be evaluated by a panel of judges.

You can either pitch your own business idea or help a presenter develop their idea. From business guy to programmer to designer – everyone is welcome!



Global Partners


City Partners

Gold Supporters

Alex Pinter
Founder & CEO marketing, sales, strategy, negotiations, grants
Alexander Trieb
Co- founder, tripwolf Finance, Mobile, Technology, Management
Andreas Klinger
Co-Founder, Die Socialisten social software
Bruno Haid
Founder & CEO, product, strategy, grants, design
Can Ertuğrul
Board Member, Austrian Startups Worked in 3 startups, 2 in FinTech, experienced public speaker, mentoring and pushing startups out of their comfort zone since 2010. #AllroundBiz #BizDev #Traction #Marketing #Strategy #Pitching #Planning #BizModel #Fundraising #Storytelling  
Daniel Cronin – Moderator
Co-Founder, AustrianStartups Daniel is a passionate speaker with multiple startup experience. He co-founded AustrianStartups, was founding member of “all about apps” & presented the national TV show “2Minuten, 2Millionen – die PULS4 Startup-Show”. He has also hosted many events & panels like Startup Week, Pioneers Festival & EBAN Annual Congress.
Christof Strasser
Dietmar Dahmen
Creative director, DDB marketing
Gerald Stangl
Co-founder & chief’o'UX, UX and Design
Helge Fahrnberger
Co-founder, Toursprung product development, social media, social software, maps, online journalism
Isabella Frey
Beratung/Technologietransfer IT & Medien, ZIT
Lukas Bürger
Co-founder, De White Sign design
Martin Sirlinger
Founder, finance (grants), marketing & sales
Michael Handler
Michael Kamleitner
Co-founder & CEO, Die Socialisten social media, web, technology in general
Manfred Wuits
CTO, tech, web-developer, backend
Matej Ftacnik
Co-founder, The Spot Matej is a startup enthusiast that co-founded the first Slovak startup accelerator The Spot Booster and is active supporting startups. Matej is skilled in business development, supporting teams with sales & marketing strategies, product design advise and also pitch training support.
Niko Alm
Business Angel Niko Alm studied Journalism and Communication Sciences, founded 2011 the creative agency Super-Fi and is CEO of the international media company VICE since 2013. Niko is founding member of NEOS and a Member of Parliament since 2013. His areas of expertise include media and internet policy, space and economy He is specialized in startups and is a a Nano-Business Angel himself.
Sebastian Heinzel
Co-founder and CEO, tripwolf Marketing, Team-Building
Stefan Kalteis
CEO, payolution
Thomas Friedschröder Enterpreneurship, Innovation, Businessmodels
Gabriele Tatzberger
Department Manager, Vienna Business Agency Gabriele is department manager of mingo, the start-up initiative in the Vienna Business Agency and is passionate to support startups and the Vienna startup scene. Since 2010 she is also CEO of the Vienna Region ltd.
Julian Breitenecker
CEO, Co-Founder, young enterprises
Johannes Bischof
Managing Director, Konica Minolta Austria
Lukas Zinnagl
Head of Product & Co-Founder, Diagnosia Internetservices GmbH
Marius Starcke
Strategic Supporter and Active International Mentor Over the last few years, Marius has mentored in many Startup Live events in all over Europe. Being one of the founders of StartEurope in 2009, he is also one of the original founders of AustrianStartups in 2013. Marius has a long career in entrepreneurship boards and strategic consultancy. He was a strategic consultant on Roland Berger Consulting Company and has supported Pioneers, as host of one of the largest start-up festivals in Europe.
Stefan Kalteis
CEO, payolution
Roofnode - Best Startup Award

Roofnode is a wireless broadband technology. Wireless station on customer’s rooftop. High-performance, robust and secure wireless mesh network for internet, telephone and television services in rural areas.

City Pulse - Best new Venture Award

Using location services and aggregating checkins et al they will make you able to see where the hot stuff in town is going on. NO, not like foursquare does (I KNEW you’d ask that, so did we!). Network is there, designers, techies, the team is set to go.

Finderly - Crowd Award

By connecting you with experts, department stores and geeks as well as your friends these guys intend to make it easier for you to find products which suit you.

Teenage Rockstar - Medias Darling Award

Born out of passion for music and the realization that his daughter didn’t really have a good place to show their talents Christof launched TRS. All content is screened by him and his guys’n'gals and they have achieved their goal of building and helping the young musical geniuses of Austria.


The experienced media producer team has developed a number of formats which they intend to spread via among other formats digital TV.

Kjero is a word of mouth marketing platform focused on fast moving consumer goods.

City Pulse

Using location services and aggregating checkins et al they will make you able to see where the hot stuff in town is going on. NO, not like foursquare does (I KNEW you’d ask that, so did we!). Network is there, designers, techies, the team is set to go.

Newsletter Platform

The team is developing a platform for managing, rating and suggesting newsletters suitable to your needs.

World Taxi

This gang of two set out to change how taxi drivers pick up guests and to help their customers communicate where they are going. To be able to use the service abroad, they intend to work heavily with SMS and offline maps.


In three simple steps, which take no more than 5 minutes of your time, you will start learning a foreign language.

Circus Offers

A promotion management tool which enables you to keep track of your facebook, groupon, twitter, dailydeal, meindeal promotions without the headache of visiting them all.

Default Detection – D2

The handling of documents, images, comments, tasks and recordings which you have to live with being an engineer at a construction site is idiotic.


Let the diversity of inspirers work on your hitch, or become one of them and inspire others. Simply submit your hitch, in a few words or images, lay back, and follow the mind-stream of the community. Once you feel inspired again, share out kudos to those who inspired you most. The more kudos you have, the more hitches you can have solved.


Tickets for the STARTUP WEEK 2011 (Best Startup)
An awesome office printer by Konica Minolta (Crowd’s Favorite)
2 months of office space at Sektor 5 (Best New Venture)
€30.000 in marketing budget by Young Enterprises (Medias Darling)


Contact person

Fredrik Debong

Microsoft Austria

Am Europaplatz 3
1120 Vienna, AUSTRIA