Florian Gschwandtner, Founder and CEO Runtastic, Alumni

"Startup Live is a very advantageous event for prospective entrepreneurs. We could profit from the input of experienced company founders and thus can highly recommend Startup Live."

Hans Peter Haselsteiner, ex-CEO of STRABAG and Business Angel

"I am absolutely convinced that we have great entrepreneurs in our country who want to change a business. Startup Live brings ideas and people together and helps to write future success stories!"

Hansi Hansmann, Business Angel

" Startup Live was the beginning of my career as a business angel."

Christian Rostrup Nielsen, Host Startup Live Copenhagen

Participating at Startup Live was an important step for both NannyCPH and myself. It made me believe in myself and my power to make it happen. The ambitious environment at the IT-University inspired me to think big. The constructive feedbacks from the excellent mentors like Tine Thygesen and Morten Lund helped me crystalize the idea. And the recognition I got has given me the confidence to make it real. Thank you guys!

Andrea Kováčová, Founder of WOPPA, Alumni

"These 48 hours within Startup Live where essential for the future of our startup WOPPA."

Mark Tuttle, Founder PlaceMarkOne, Mentor

I have been volunteering my services at StartupLive events since 2009. Every time, people that attend the event tell me "it was one of the best experiences I ever had". And that it really got them on the right track for their startup. This is why I keep doing it. This is why you should do it!

Paris Kasidiaris, Founder and CEO Sourcelair, Alumni

We took part in the first StartupLive that took place in Athens in 2011. This was the time that we understood what means to start a business and the importance of frictionless collaboration among team members and mentors.

Jaroslav Skrabalek, CEO Takeplace, Alumni

It was a great experience to participate at such a kind of event. I appreciate the face-to-face contact with outstanding investors and top management representatives coming to see our work at the event. Above all, we were able to get valuable feedback instantly and came up with business solution that we are still enhancing till these days.

Albert Griesmayr, Founder Scribando, Alumni

Startup Live offers a wonderful stage for the first evaluation of new business ideas. Finding teammates, Pitching your idea, Convincing others - Startup Live is a great preparation for the real business world as well.

Christoph Steindl, CEO Catalysts, Mentor

It was inspiring, engaging and a lot of fun. I met a lot of interesting people – and I’m sure I’m going to meet several of them in the future.