Alexander Tzonev CTO | BULPROS

I am a co-founder of Intracol Technologies and a CTO of BULPROS group of companies. I started with my entrepreneurship adventure 4 years ago after spending time in the corporate world as an engineering manager and software engineer. Intracol, the company I started with my partners, stands for innovation, transformation, and collaboration. These are the core values that make a team successful.
I consider myself an engineer as the sole nature of the engineers is to find solutions to problems. I believe you cannot solve problems, thinking the same way when you created them. Thinking outside the box is at the core of creating progress and this is where all the fun is.
Passionate about technology I look for ways to apply it in our everyday life in a way that it enhances our experiences and brings value not only in executing tasks but also in finding our way to happiness.
I believe the technology is there to serve the living beings and not to replace them. One of my passions is to find alternative applications of technology to allow for better relationships with humans.
I believe in open collaboration and I enjoy the creativity of everyone on the team. I like to work with bright people that challenge the status quo and look for a better approach rather than rely on their comfort zone. Sometimes incremental improvements are not the answer an one must challenge themselves to go for a revolution, rather than an evolution. I find embracing new challenges quite refreshing and try to do this myself.
I like to listen to people and discuss their challenges. I like to look for a solution rather than point out problems. I believe that people need to find the right answer for themselves and that’s why I like to mentor and guide people rather than give them “the” solution.

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