World Web3 Metaverse Challenge 2023

World Web3 Metaverse Challenge 2023 (WW3M)The pre-acceleration program for Web3 and Metaverse Startups.

Looking to take your web3/Metaverse startup to the global stage?

Look no further than WW3M! Our pre-acceleration program is held in ten countries around the world, giving you the opportunity to connect with experienced founders, potential collaborators, and funders from all over. In just 36 hours, you’ll receive invaluable feedback, find additional team members, and gain all the knowledge you need to succeed in your local and the international market.  While the winners of each country will win the ticket to the finals in Vienna, you’ll have the chance to showcase your ideas to the worldwide leaders of the web3 and metaverse.

Bring your startup to the next level by joining WW3M now!

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WW3M Global Jury
Our global jury is made up of industry experts from around the world, ready to assess your startup's potential and offer invaluable feedback.

Bernhard Blaha

CEO | The People's SCE

Daniel Hwang

Co-Founder and Special Advisor Blockchain x Climate Leadership Network (BxC)

Heinz Grünwald

Growth Marketing | Product-Led | DeFi | Web3 | Community-Led | Content Marketing

Jürgen Höbarth


Leila Hurstel

Board Member and Chief Metaverse Officer

Oliver Völkel

Partnern | Stadler Völkel Rechtsanwälte GmbH

Paula Tavangar

Investment Principal I SwissBorg Ventures

Tobias Eckl

CEO I Gubbi AG

Travin Keith

Co-Founder I Immunefi

Startup application process

The finest businesses that will participate in the program are pre-selected by our judges based on your application and pitch deck. Email notification of the status of your application is sent to you.
The next phase, if you are pre-selected, is a call where we will assess your commitment and discuss how you may benefit the most from the program.
The official confirmation will be sent after the call, depending on the outcomes.

The World Web3 Metaverse Challenge
helping you succeed


Global Event / Global Community

Connect with a community of people from 10 different cities around the world. Our challenge takes place in Vienna, Düsseldorf, Wroclaw, and Malta, Prizren, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Zurich and many more. This is a unique opportunity for web3/Metaverse startups or individuals to showcase their ideas and interact with possible funders, like-minded people and collaborators of the industry. Participating in our program also gives you the chance to receive feedback from experienced founders, find additional team members, and gain all the needed know-how to take your startup to the next level. Click for more information and join the WW3M challenge today!


Workshops & Mentoring

Gain access to comprehensive training, mentoring, pitch training, and a network for a lifetime. Our experienced trainers offer valuable insights to help you build your startup, and our carefully selected mentors and experts cover experiences from entrepreneurship to product development to help you grow your business fast. With The Art of Pitching™, our proven training format, you'll learn top-notch insights to make your pitch investor-ready. Our unique community of founders, innovators, educators, and investors will be one of your greatest assets.


Grand Final in Vienna

Join one of our programs and get the chance to be selected as the winning team at our final event in Vienna on 1-3 December. Winning startups from the events throughout the year will have the chance to showcase their innovative ideas and connect with investors, industry leaders and collaborators at the final event in happening Vienna . Don't miss out on this opportunity to accelerate your web3/Metaverse startup and take it to the next level. Click for more information and apply now to join the WW3M challenge!


Network for a Lifetime

While the programs itself ends, the contacts made throughout the course of our programs are for life. Our unique community of founders, innovators, talents, trainers, and investors will be one of your greatest assets.

Ready to start your journey?

Whether you’re looking to take your own startup to the next level or join an existing project to help aspiring founders succeed with your unique skill-set, WW3M is the perfect opportunity to showcase your ideas and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. Join our ever-growing Startup Live family and gain the possibility to access to our zero21 acceleration program, designed to not only boost your business, but also make your startup investment ready.

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Our sponsors play a crucial role in making WW3M possible, supporting our mission to empower web3/Metaverse startups and help them reach their full potential.

The role of our co-hosts is vital to the success of WW3M, as they provide essential resources and support that allow us to create a truly impactful and meaningful experience.

Venture Partners
Our venture partners' roles are to help one another through workshops, training, community networks, and other forms of assistance so that we may develop an experience that has real effect and significance.