Argjend Haxhiu Co-Founder & CEO | CREOTIVE LLC

As a serial entrepreneur, Argjend Haxhiu has co-founded and managed a couple of startups. He studied computer science at the University of Prishtina and immediately proceeded to work in a fast and professional environment. As a highly ambitious individual with a passion for the world of IT he started Creotive; a company which is focused in providing a software and technical solutions to food oriented startups located mainly in US and Europe.
However, tech industry is not the only field Argjend is dedicated in! In 2017 he started Tai Sweets, which is a chain food and beverage startup serving delicious ice cream and sweet products inspired by the traditonal Asian cuisine of which he is a big fan.
As a mentor, he is planning on focusing on helping young/future entrepreneurs’ kickstart their career in the right direction.

Top 3 Skills: Entrepreneurship, Programming, Food Tech Industry

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