Arta Shehu Zaimi CEO | jCoders and Labbox

Entrepreneurship, Business processes, System architecture

Arta Shehu Zaimi is the co-Founder of jCoders Academy and Labbox, and with extensive experience in programming and electronics. She pionerred in offering hands on experience to young generations by founding jCoders in 2015. Arta has more than 9 years of experience developing complex systems for bank and enterprise use, and more than 4 years of experience in the field of education. Her work is very well focused in inspiring the culture of innovation and boosting the potential of youngsters by creating learning environments where they can learn, take risks and express themselves. She was presenting the work of Labbox, when won the Golden Medal in the Startup games held in the Western Ballkans Summit in London in 2018 and has numerous honors of success during her working career, one of which is ‘The Most Innovative Employee’ Award from Raiffeisen Bank.

Arta is deeply engaged into the topic of education, as she strongly believes that the quality of our education is a critical aspect in individual and collective success of our generations.

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