Christoph Jeschke Expert Startup Collaboration | OMV

Over the last 17 years Christoph gained experience in the fields of startup collaboration, online marketing, wealth management and arts management. He started at Viennese & Liechtenstein private wealth management firms and set up a Viennese auction house on the side. Later he specialized in online marketing with a focus on Social Media and worked for a Viennese marketing agency. In 2013 Christoph co-founded and managed AustrianStartups, an NGO to promote and support startups in Austria. In 2017 he joined the finance startup FINABRO where he developed a B2B pension scheme product and set up the B2B multichannel sales. Now he is responsible for startup collaboration at OMV (an integrated oil & gas company) and establishes a methodology how OMV’s business units can collaborate with startups on a bigger scale.