Daniel Pichler Cryptoeconomics Researcher | Riat

Welcome to the startup world! šŸ™‚
DanielĀ has been with Pioneers.io 2013-16 building up the international startup ecosystem to make people build realistic visions and companies. He had roles in sales, HR and project management which he can give you advice on. Daniel has studied Data Science in the meantime and can help you with machine learning ideas. If youĀ believeĀ in internet freedom and want to build something decentralized he’s been with Bitcoin Austria since 2012 and is currently aĀ full-timeĀ researcher on the topic.
Besides, in general,Ā Daniel a bit pessimistic so if you can convince him of your idea your chances are probably good. The only other time he has been at SUL a real startup (Waytation) was founded which is still around.

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