Dr. Matthias Vesper Executive Expert Innovation, Ideation & Ecosystems | Rolls Royce Power Systems AG

Matthias is going to support the event in his role as Executive Expert Innovation, Ideation & Ecosystems at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, a world leader in propulsion systems and distributed power solutions based on high-speed reciprocating engines. He is an engineer with a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Ph.D. (Dr-Ing.) in Solid Mechanics, both from the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany. In 2003, he joined MTU Friedrichshafen, the main subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power Systems, and spent almost a decade in the field of structural mechanics and fatigue on a senior manager level. During this period, he also finished an extra-occupational training with a diploma as trainer/coach for personality development. In late 2012, Matthias started a new and exciting journey in his career stepping into a completely different function on director’s level, being responsible for several corporate functions like coordination of the company’s relationships to associations, authorities, committees, organizations and industrial networks and later on idea management, innovation & technology management and last but not least IP management. In his current role for Rolls-Royce Power Systems, since January 2018, Matthias is primarily striving for innovative opportunities and new business solutions through co-operation and partnerships. He is perceiving himself as a pathfinder, door opener, and bridge builder or simply innovation enabler.