Dragos Jaliu Founder, CEO | fonduri-structurale

Business Modelling Access to financing( crowdfunding, grants) Project Management Presentation skills (pitching) in a nutshell, I bring to the table: knowledge, experience, and connections.

Romanian entrepreneur and start-up community builder who for the past almost 13 years has devoted most time and effort into developing the SME ecosystem in Romania.
In 2006 I founded fonduri-structurale.ro, the most reliable source of information in Romania regarding multiple funding. Over the last almost 13 years, I succeeded in creating an online community of more than 110.000 people interested in finding funding for their (business) ideas, from which 50.000 are subscribers to our daily newsletters.
In 2007, I founded Structural Consulting Group, a consultancy company aimed at providing funding support for different types of clients. Through our projects, I helped establish and consolidate more than 100 start-ups and businesses in Romania.
Investor and advisor in the Risky Business accelerator (first Romanian accelerator, privately financed), established to support promising early stage start-ups with the resources to grow into regional and global sustainable tech firms.
Currently finishing a Professional MBA in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at WU Executive Academy and TU Wien, where I built strong connections with top European innovators and ecosystem builders.

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