Gasper Sopi Founder | Hyperactive

Product design & market fit, strategic positioning and branding, operational management & business development.

With more than 15 years of international experience in multidisciplinary design, marketing and software industry Gasper has gone from an awarded web designer at the start of the century to directing the creative outputs of branding and marketing agencies to co-founding and managing Hyperactive, a mobile and web consultancy based out of Croatia.

As the CEO of Hyperactive Gasper has been instrumental in launching pioneering startups with local and global outreach. He has spearheaded the development, design and launch of several online & mobile products and services ranging from fintech and retail to e-health and education and has played significant roles in not only shaping internal products for various corporations in the IT & telco space but also providing mentorship and educational services for their teams.

His hands-on experience in designing for web and mobile, combined with his strategic thinking and managerial/leadership expertise as well as a wide international network is likely to make him a great advisory asset to any startup or corporation looking to successfully not only develop and launch their digital products/services but also scale and position them strategically with a compelling across-the-channels brand.

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