Getoar Krasniqi CEO | GK Consulting

I have started the entrepreneurial journey in 2014 where I co-founded, which is an online platform for small farmers to create an account and show what they have to sell and what is available to deliver.
In 2015 I won a fully funded scholarship to study in the US at the Golden Gate University in San Francisco where I got an MBA degree. Throughout this time I was able to work for different startups in Silicon Valley, and the one experience where I learned the most was working for a startup that was incubated at 500 Startups accelerator in San Francisco. Here I was able to see what mentoring or coaching a startup really is and what KPI’s are important for a startup to pay attention to, especially at the early stage of finding a market fit for their innovative product or service.
From this experience, I fell in love with the Lean Startup ideology and the Build, Measure, Learn loop that help startups understand the market better and be able to experiment faster.
When I came back to Kosovo, I was able to design an incubation program at VentureUP, based on the learning and experience that I have gotten in Silicon Valley.
Now I work as a consultant with startups who provide a mix of innovative products and services, where I help them with fundraising, networking, and sales.

My top 3 skills are:

Lean Startup Methodology
Writing Proposals for Fund Raising

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