Hans Waldherr Owner | skale.io venture development

As founder of skale.io, Hans supports startups, and technology companies to get their innovative ideas funded in order to design and build products that customers want to buy.

> +1mio€ funding for machine learning startup Spectralmind GmbH
> Pioneers Challenge ’17 Winner, R&D Funding + Pilot Customer for Stromkind GmbH
> Incubation of Digital Process Automation Startup for Industry 4.0
> Incubation, Product Funding and Sale of an innovative Gaming-App to E-ON Germany.

As a Startuplive Mentor, he is a startup’s sparring partner and will challenge your ideas from both angles

  1. technologically as a computer scientist
  2. and economically as a funding/business planning professional

in order to get a winning and fundable business case out of their mentorship session.

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