Hugo Pristauz VP Advanced Technology Development | Besi Austria

Hugo is holding VP Advanced Technology Development position in the Besi Austria company. He is passionate about cutting-edge technology and making the impossible possible! Since the beginning of the millennium working in equipment business for emerging semiconductor packaging technologies, responsible for R&D and product management while carrying business ownership for flip-chip bonders, RFID assembly lines, thermo compression and fan-out bonders. The world's biggest install base of flip chip bonders - the famous Datacon 8800 flip chip platform (ba-ba-lin-lin), soon reaching a number of 1000 installations, has been grown in a marvelous teamwork of great colleagues and employees under his leadership. Now Hugo is focusing on technology scouting and networking in order to support Besi's roadmap alignment process for advanced die attach equipment, supervising equipment key technology developments while coaching top-flight R&D teams.