Lena Pösl Self-employed | Consulting start-ups on organizational complexity reduction & growth facilitation

Lena has 12 years of work experience in the start-up area. She started working for XING, shortly after their IPO when they had around 70 employees and stayed in the company for 5 years during which the company grew to approx. 300 employees. During that time she was first responsible for Community Building (XING official groups and events), then for coordinating their teams in the international markets (China, Turkey, Italy) and then for Corporate Development of the XING recruiting products.
After that, Lena took a sabbatical, participated in a yoga teacher training and did some internships in the patisserie and chocolaterie, because she wanted to see something outside of the academic and office work track that she had been following and do something physical & with her hands. After a year Lena decided to go back to the start-up world and was asked to take on the role of HR Director at tolingo, a digital translation agency start-up in Hamburg. She was responsible for the whole set-up of their HR management (contracts, recruiting, separation management, organizational and HR development). In 2013 Lena moved to Vienna and started working for whatchado, where she was Head of Production, HR, and COO. Currently, she is in the conceptualization and start-up phase of her own consulting business focusing on supporting start-ups in developing a healthy organization that fits with their purpose, culture, and goals.

Lena can help most with HR topics and organizational/HR development, starting from all the basics of hiring and firing people, to building an organization that enables self-organized, goal oriented and agile co-working. Additionally, she is working as a systemic coach, so can support personal growth topics and as a sparring partner for ideas and plans.

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