Markus Weiss Consulting | Self-employed

Markus has 14 years experience with NÖBEG, a special type of bank – partly owned by the state of Lower Austria (NÖ) – giving grants, loans, subsidies to companies with the aim of supporting the economy. He was particularly responsible for startups with innovative and technology-driven products. His main task was to make a due diligence with emphasize on validating the plausibility of the business plan. Therefore, Markus could be sparring partner for the founders in improving their business plan. He did this for many different industries. Since NÖBEG itself is a bank and they worked closely with banks, and he knows what questions banks typically ask and how these questions should be answered in a business plan. As an investment manager, Markus was responsible for many companies over many years so he knows how companies develop and what problems they are typically facing over time. Besides, Markus worked with hundreds of companies and therefor can offer a network which might be useful in all development stages of a startup.