Martin Behrens Co-Founder & CEO | PRESONO Smart Information GmbH

Martin’s occupation background is in the areas of media design, software development, and project management. In 2015 they founded PRESONO and he’s been the point of contact in-between market and product development since then. Additionally, Martin is the responsible person for all organizational topics, like finances, law, and HR among others. They acquired their first customers without having a product, and developed a complex software tool within the last three years, got a funding of 1 million euro by business angels in 2016 and grew from 3 to 23 people in their team within the last two and a half years.
Martin can help in different areas through his experiences: general business planning / business modeling, the topics B2B product & sales, the combination of having a (developed) product and offering additional services, funding (not only by business angels or VC but also by institutions like the FFG), financial planning, HR-topics and related things.

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