Michael Strobel Founder, CEO & Surfcoach | URBAN SURF SOLUTIONS GmbH

We are surfing against the current and offer sustainable surfing solutions in your city! Our patented system allows a mixture of river surfing and wakeboarding. Our UP STREAM SURFING SYSTEM is powered by the power of the river. We opened our last venue in Inn near Innsbruck last year. There are other sites in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany as well. We are “…drei Burschen am Puls der Zeit…” (https://blog.innsbruck.info/de/sport-natur/upstream-surfing-action-am-inn/). Simon Ra Garben, an engineer for helicopter testing from Zurich, Andreas Trapp Co-Founder of Tripstix Surfboards from Munich and Michael Strobel sports engineer from Innsbruck.

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