Nikoletta Szirmay International Communication & PR Expert | Enchanting Hungary Ltd.

With my attitude towards objective journalism and ethical PR, in the past few years of my career, I leveraged my 10 years’ professional experience in media, PR and international project management to foster personal, corporate, startup and country branding ventures.
I believe that in the globally transforming media landscape, professional and personal integrity has become the “4th power”, the most crucial driver to foster global businesses through valuable connections and partnerships.
In my professional approach, communication is a creative process, an art, always starting with a passion for knowledge and love of understanding, and business PR is about building trust. A result is a harmonic unity, integrity, credibility, and well-established international business relationships.
I would love to share my expertise with startups to create strong connections among their global industry stakeholders.
It requires the right attitude, strong personal and business ethics, and a good strategy.

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