Safet Rama Business Incubator Manager | Innovation Centre Kosovo

With my international education background and over 20 years of international proven work experience (Vienna & Prishtina), I have managed and consulted over 200 innovative entrepreneurs/start-ups and + 40 SME-s, in different areas of innovation, business development & growth, project management, business model; strategic planning and access to investors.

I hold a number of academic degrees from institutions in UK, Austria, Greece and Spain. I have a bachelors degree in Economics from Vienna and an Executive MBA from Sheffield University. I ’m also Certified Management Consultant (CMC) by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.

I’m passionate for innovative start-ups and entrepreneurship community, inspired by tech innovation, self-motivated and team player. I’m fluent in five European languages eloquent and a people-person.

Main Skills: Business Development & Growth; Startup Innovation Process; Sales & Marketing Specialist;

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