Sophie Fejerdy Founder | PromoBox Ltd

I founded my company when I was 23. I was attending university at the time, so it was quite a busy period for me. I started working at the age of 16. I established my company in 2010 and hired a managing director after 8 years. In the beginning, I had no capital at all, yet in 3 years my company became the market leader and today it generates 800.000 dollar revenue annually with 31% EBIDTA and we have achieved 100% market coverage. I have traveled the world and researched this market globally to see international trends and good practices.
My motto is the fact that change is the only constant and I believe that one should improve so fast that it would not be possible to keep up with them.
I was awarded the best “Young entrepreneur of the year” in 2013 in Hungary.
In my opinion, it is extremely important to be not only a mentor but a mentee as well. I have been mentoring youngsters for many years now and I do my best to facilitate talented people as well as companies. That is why I like to work with startups in the field of marketing and trade.

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