Tamas Leb Lead UX & Product Designer | RebelDot

UX Design Product Design Pitching & delivering engaging presentations

I am a UX & Product designer with a proven track record of helping companies design world leading products. I bring more than 10 years of experience designing digital products and systems, with a strong focus on driving user-centred design. I started working as a freelancer, had my own design agency, was co-founder in startups where i both failed and reaped rewards, worked with world class clients, and most importantly I had the chance to meet fantastic people! The crucial aspects of building and launching a successful startup consist in clearly defining the user needs, frustrations, motivations and goals, while providing ease, simplicity and maximum value. I can support startups in guiding them towards building focused on the end users, working in rapid iterations, celebrating both small wins and milestones, while delivering engaging pitches and learning from failures.

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