Tanja Sternbauer Co-founder | the female factor

Community Building, Branding & Marketing, Internationalization

Tanja is the co-founder of the female factor, a platform dedicated to supporting female leaders in paving their path towards fulfillment in their career and personal life by providing dedicated knowledge, mindset training, and the right network.

Before starting the female factor she has been Managing Partner of Startup Live. During that time Tanja also co-founded the non-profit organization “Female Founders” to raise more awareness among women to the topic of entrepreneurship and to connect female entrepreneurs with investors.

Tanja was awarded as “Female Rolemodel in Europe”, named one of the 100 most influential businesswomen in Austria, won the Startup Hero award and was portrayed in different magazines and newspapers.

Tanja holds a bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship, gained her first working experience in Berlin and Singapore and started her own startup HeyBeauty, a scheduling tool for beauty appointments at the age of 25.

Being born and raised in Austria, and after living in Thailand, the US, and across Europe, Tanja followed her heart and moved to Tel Aviv, Israel in 2019.

Community Building, Branding & Marketing, Internationalization