Thibaut Taittinger Barefoot Founder | Puzl CowOrKing

I am the founder of, an Internet SaaS platform with a Strong Vision – to Create a Complete Online Sales Ecosystem and help SMEs to promote their business and manage their online visibility like never before.

As a product-centric founder, I am dedicated to the implementation of all the steps of the development of a solution. I focus on the smallest of details and work hard on a continuous basis to turn Puzl’s vision into the right product.

Passionate about new technologies and web interfaces, I strive to create the simplest solutions to the most complex problems while articulating a concept.

Hierarchy or personal pride is banned from early-stage companies. Founders need to work in the middle of an in-house team with a flat management structure. Everyone participates with their skill and specialization to build the best possible product. My goal is to surround myself with the best professionals and to give them an active part in the decision process. I however am not afraid of taking my responsibilities but prefer to rally people to my opinions.

Puzl has a long term vision and a short term focus. It is by continuously learning and pivoting that we will reach our goal. In this process, it is important to ignore trends and hypes as these, do not lead to self-sustained solutions over the long term.

I am passionate about solving all types of problems. I love to listen to people’s difficulties and reason with them in order to find the best possible solutions.

User interfaces is another passion of mine, as it requires both logic and organization to set and respect the right standards. The more complex it gets the more excited I become. That is why Puzl is a great Challenge.

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