Thomas Weckermann Founder & Consultant | halphbaqed

Tom holds an MSc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and has for the past four years been working as a self-employed consultant and freelancer in the realms of (online)marketing, web- and graphics design. He recently co-founded halphbaqed, a company that specializes in prototyping. Tom will provide you with tips and tricks concerning UX /UI design, user testing, idea validation, and anything prototyping related!

The best way to create successful products is by testing them as early and often as possible with the right audience. That’s why halphbaqed revolves around prototyping and early idea validation.

Validate ideas faster and commit to ideas with economic viability and user’s desirability!

Halphbaqed supports startups and corporates with interactive workshops and design sprints as well as customized tech-consulting and functional (software) prototypes, and everything in between!

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