Tudor Armand Ciuleanu CEO & Founder | RebelDot

Hi, I’m Tudor CEO & Founder of RebelDot, and I am here to support great ideas and help them turn into reality!

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2008, after only 2 years as a Software Developer, when I’ve accepted to set Imprezzio’s roots in Romania. The following years were full of challenges and opportunities: from opening a second office in Oradea to developing a Services division for startups and working with Fortune 500 companies.
2018 came with the biggest challenge of all when I acquired the Services division of Imprezzio and founded RebelDot – a software development company based on a set of healthy values. As CEO of RebelDot, I’m always interested in fostering a strong culture and that’s why we implemented a few rebel initiatives, as we like to call them, such as an unlimited holiday policy, accepting crypto payments for services, giving up on seniority levels inside the company and offering crypto as Christmas bonuses.
Since the early days, I`ve got involved in encouraging students to develop creative software solutions, through the Imprezzio Software Contest and then continued doing the same with startups by organizing 2 editions of Idea Challenge, a startup competition.
My curiosity for new technologies and innovation led me to participate at multiple Blockchain Conferences around the world as an investor. Thus, I’m always on the lookout for interesting startups to help and grow and I’m eager to meet you and to find out about your idea!

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