Virag Reti CEO & Co-founder | Cabsolutely Inc

Virag is an engineer-turned-entrepreneur who spent the last 4 years building her company mostly in the US. She and her company participated in two American accelerator programs and raised from noted investors twice. She embraces the Learn-Build-Measure Lean methodology and led the company through several minor and some major pivots. With experience in the personal transportation industry as well as back office automation, Virag offers mentorship in many areas for aspiring startups. To name a few: understanding and serving your customers, building an MVP that can evolve into a “real” product, branding, fundraising, public speaking, pitch tactics, event facilitation. Besides, Virag┬ádid a TEDx talk on the topic of self-improvement via various impulses, have been invited to mentor and facilitate at many startup events in the region.

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