capital300 A series A venture capital fund backing disruptive European technology companies run by ambitious entrepreneurs.

We have experienced the transforming impact of the right backing and the right investors. We want to replicate this experience and provide the same opportunities to other founders, who are willing to solve tough problems on a global scale.

We partner with leading VCs such as AccelSequoiaMayfieldIndexand Greylock. They provide global perspective, unmatched access to insight and resources, helping to build a worldwide presence.

We back Series A rounds of disruptive European technology companies willing to expand and grow internationally. Based in Austria/Europe, we aim to co-invest € 1+M in addition to our fund partners, meaning that we are truly able to think global and act local.

We are backed by the powerful startup300 network and outstanding entrepreneurs and investors that have invested in hundreds of companies and generated billions in exits.

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