capital300 A series A venture capital fund backing disruptive European technology companies run by ambitious entrepreneurs

What are you doing to support the daily life of startups?

We provide capital, network and know-how to scale and grow your company. We love to create chances and to help founders to have impact and build value. We are here to coach, nurture and advise and will work hard to help you realize your potential, win leading investors and attract the best talent to bring your business to the next level of scale and growth.


Why are you supporting startups?

We are founders ourselves and we really love what we do. We saw that funding and network are the biggest limiting factors in our region for building technology companies at global scale and we are here want to change that. There is an abundance of talent and ambition and we want to catalyze and fuel our ecosystem.


Which are your top 3 services or products for startups?

Network, Experience & Capital

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