derBrutkasten Austria's startup and innovation platform

Austria’s multimedia platform for startups, the digital economy and innovation. Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

The focus is on start-ups, as well as the context in which they move. We are concerned about the topic of entrepreneurship, the digital and innovative economy, technology, but also about socio-political, forward-looking topics that we will have to solve in this context.

From the very beginning, the vision of “Brutkasten” was to accompany a growing, innovation-driven community and to support those entrepreneurial minds who want to bring this world forward with their innovative ideas, business models and solutions. As a result, the education and orientation towards the issue of digitalization were very important from the outset, as did the networking of the “innovation forces” of the young, agile start-ups with those of the establishes companies. We believe that in this interchanging fertilization is a key level for our economy.

We want to promote that. Whether it’s digital, via social media, in videos, at events or in print products – “Brutkasten” wants the lively Austrian start-up scene.