DIE MACHER is an Austrian business magazine with an exciting mix of business and lifestyle topics. With an editorial share of at least 70 percent of high-quality researched content about personalities and companies, women and men with a basic economic interest are addressed equally.

Numbers, facts, brief reports – is that all there is to say about economics? Is the economy a dry topic? Quite the contrary. We show everything that is behind it and stimulates the economy. We report on the most charismatic personalities. About the most successful managers. About the most emerging companies. About the bravest founders. They are the role models for the younger generations. And they are the reading material that fills our pages. DIE MACHER. It’s about people who do something. Who has the courage to implement their ideas and thereby make a difference? DIE MACHER also provides answers to the many questions that founders and young entrepreneurs are passionate about. We want to make business interesting and understandable for everyone. With diligence, courage and the ability to implement everything is possible. We show this in original articles, experience reports, interviews, dialogues, discussions and stories that are both touching and encouraging. We rely on high-quality, meaningful images that release emotions. We always rely on new ideas and creative ideas in order to present the economy to you as it is: diverse and exciting.


Additionally, participants of our Startup Live Program will receive yearly free subscription for the DIE MACHER magazine.

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