Pioneers Ventures Working with the best European early stage startups to build outstanding success together

Pioneers Ventures is a pre-seed investor empowering outstanding startups with a global network of corporates, industry experts and entrepreneurs.

Who we are:

By combining knowledge and experiences of Pioneers and startup300 we can provide your startup with an outstanding network, entrepreneurial excellence, capital, spaces, know-how and access to corporates. Out of thousands of startups that approach Pioneers each year, we offer to work with a select few in order to provide you with the support you deserve.

In a nutshell:

  • Access to costumers: Pioneers Ventures gets you in front of potential partners as well as customers and lead users in order to close those important deals.
  • Global network: Pioneers Ventures provides you access to a global network of industry experts and helps you take your startup global.
  • Visibility: Pioneers supports you to get your message out there by providing you a platform and connecting you with media at our numerous events.
  • Funding: Pioneers Ventures helps your startup to finance its operations and to gain traction for your next funding round(s).