RBI Elevator Lab Elevator Lab is a leading fintech partnership program powered by Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) which offers fintechs the chance to scale their business across the CEE region (14 markets including Austria, 16.1 million customers).

What is your company doing to support the daily life of startups?

Once a fintech is selected to be a part of the Elevator Lab Partnership Program they start working with international leading experts on a four-month pilot project. As well as communicating over the internet, there are monthly on-site days in Vienna and in the pilot hosting country where the fintechs can meet face to face with their mentors. In addition, we give fintechs access to Raiffeisen’s extensive network of contacts and have a dedicated Proof of Concept fund available for them to use. The fintechs can test their solutions with real bank data and benefit from RBI’s great reputation. After the Demo Day, the fintechs will have the chance to be evaluated for a possible partnership with RBI Group.

Elevator Lab benefits in a nutshell:

  • Four-month pilot project (IT sandboxes and real clients)
  • Support of over 150 mentors
  • Dedicated Proof of Concept fund
  • Exposure to executives and external investors
  • Knowledge for the CEE markets
  • IT Sandboxes (API developer portals in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia)
  • Equity free program

Why is your company supporting startups?

We noticed that there were many innovative solutions around us being offered by fintechs. The strengths of banks and fintechs can mutually benefit each other. We are aware of its effects, and the value created for our customers with their ever-evolving needs. With Elevator Lab we set up the process that enables cooperations with fintechs. We want to try out things fast, want to know if we fit together and then we can scale together. More than 150 mentors are supporting our Partnership Program, everyone is aware off the effect that these partnerships help both sides. With Elevator Lab we build the attention about and capitalize on potential opportunities around us and in turn create value for us and our customers.

Which are your top services or products for startups?

  • Global Elevator Lab Partnership Program: Chance for later-stage fintechs to become a partner of Raiffeisen Bank International
  • Elevator Lab Challenges across the CEE region ⟶ Yearly contest which gives promising fintechs the chance to work together with our experienced mentors to create a proof of concept as well as a fast track to the partnership program.
  • Elevator Lab Bootcamps cross the CEE region ⟶ Program designed to help early-stage startups grow and foster entrepreneurial spirit and startup culture in CEE countries.
  • Elevator Ventures: Corporate Venture Capital powered by Raiffeisen Bank International which invests in promising later-stage fintech.

For more information please visit www.elevator-lab.com.

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