Zagreb Innovation Centre (ZICER) is a business support organization founded and owned by the City of Zagreb. ZICER’s activities focus on supporting and advancing entrepreneurial climate as well as society at large. They promote the creation of stimulating entrepreneurial environment and strengthening of entrepreneurial competencies, clarify the best ways to finance entrepreneurial endeavors, and help innovative high-tech companies and teams turn their ideas into actual products.

ZICER provides incubation and acceleration programs as well as coworking. Members receive comprehensive assistance including education, consulting, mentoring, use of infrastructure, and even financial support.

In the context of education and counseling, a large emphasis is placed on the expertise of ZICER’s staff, but also on cooperation with partner institutions, national authorities, agencies, non-governmental organizations, academia, potential investors and everyone who can positively contribute to the development of entrepreneurship.

ZICER is a place where innovative entrepreneurial ideas are transformed into sustainable business endeavors.