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Day 1, ThursdayMeet your team

Thursday is all about getting yourself familiar with the people you’ll be spending the next 54 hours with. If you’re working on your own startup it’s your time to hit the stage and convince the crowd within 90 seconds.

No business idea? No problem! Just listen to the pitches and choose your favorite. People with a business background (marketing, sales, etc.), design expertise, or IT/programming skills are always needed in a complementary team-setting.

After a quick and yummy (you’ll see) team building activity we make sure team members get to know each other and feel pumped to start working. We’ll introduce you to our working method and let you set goals for the weekend.

Day 2, FridayQuality time with mentors

The second day is defined by work, work, and work. Mentors with proven entrepreneurial experience and own successful companies or expertise in every area you can think of will be there for you, ready to answer all the questions Google has no answer for.

Day 3, SaturdayTime to throw around confetti

After our master workshop  The Art of Pitching™ that you receive on Thursday, and all the valuable input from our mentors on Friday you’ll be ready to conquer the stage! This is your chance to convince our investors’ jury and set the first steps to secure your future investment.

After the weekend You’re now part of the Startup Live Family, a network for a lifetime!


You now have a network of top-notch mentors an industry experts

No matter which challenge you come across, those people are available at your fingertips also after the program


You learned the 101 of starting a business

Customer Exploration & Validation, Monetization and Term sheets - you understand the startup lingo now


You are on a a first-name basis with investors and media representatives

Aiming for investment or wanna get your startup featured in the news? Easy.