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The Startup Live MagicWhat to expect

At Startup Live we believe our world faces challenges that can only be solved through innovative, entrepreneurial action. That’s why we are dedicated and passionate about our proven 36—54 hours acceleration programs, bringing together early-stage and seed startups with successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors to shape the international startup scene.

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Our 36—54 hours acceleration programs
helping you succeed



Together with our trained contributors who help you working in a straight forwarded, structured way, you will gather valuable and constructive insights on building up your startup. We know that acquiring lots of new information in a short amount of time can be challenging sometimes. That’s why we also provide you with all the working materials you need to recall the information obtained in our Trainings in order to successfully grow your business.



Our carefully selected mentors and experts are positioned around the world and cover experiences across everything from (serial) entrepreneurship and business modelling to product development, design, and more. You’ll be surrounded by the industry’s most talented mentors and experts all being dedicated to helping you grow your business – successfully and fast.


Pitch Training

Knowing how to pitch is one of the most helpful skills for every aspiring founder and startup. With our proven training format, The Art of Pitching™, we provide you with top-notch insights from our international experts to make your pitch investor ready.


Network for a Lifetime

While the programs itself ends, the contacts made throughout the course of our programs are for life. Our unique community of founders, innovators, educators, and investors will be one of your greatest assets.

Ready to start your journey?

This is your chance to become part of our ever-growing Startup Live family, a global network that actually brings you forward! Join one of our programs to boost your business or join an existing project on-site to help our aspiring founders succeed with your special skill-set.

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