Why to apply as an Ambassador for your city

by Arbresha


2. September 2018

You ever felt you want to shake things up? That you’re thriving for a better world, eager to contribute with your know-how and skills?

At Startup Live we believe our generation faces challenges that can only be solved through innovative, entrepreneurial action. That’s why we are dedicated and passionate about empowering individuals, their ideas, and their organizations.

If you are eager to support the development of your ecosystem and want to make a positive impact in your community then joining our Startup Live Family might be the perfect fit!

Are you ready to shape your local ecosystem?

Become part of the Startup Live Family and connect with a global network of Ambassadors and Mentors, get dedicated training, tools, and resources from the Global Team to ensure your local success.

Are you the right person?

  • Are you well connected in your local ecosystem?
  • Are you open and communicative?
  • Do you have experience in event management?
  • Are you a hustler by heart?
  • Are you passionate about innovation, digitalization and new industry trends?
  • Are you eager to make an impact on a local & global scale?

Then become an Ambassador today!

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